Fruiting hawthorn bush
Hawthorn for blood pressure - how to take and mechanism of action, benefits and contraindications of tincture or tea
What is pressure? This parameter is the main indicator of the state of the circulatory system. Representatives of medicine under
Heart valve replacement
Heart valve replacement. Indications and stages of surgery
The achievements of Israeli cardiac surgeons are known throughout the world. Innovative developments and high qualifications of medical cardiac surgeons
Efficiency. Professionalism. Mercy Pain in the heart with angina pectoris Coronary heart disease is a chronic
Discirculatory encephalopathy: causes, symptoms, diagnosis
Classification of discirculatory encephalopathy ICD 10 Group “I60-69” collected cerebrovascular diseases. Tenth International Classification of Diseases
Antianginal drug withdrawal syndrome. Clinical significance and precautions
Antianginal drug withdrawal syndrome. Clinical significance and precautions Withdrawal syndrome may occur
Scientific Center for Cardiovascular Surgery of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. Bakuleva
Structure of the Scientific Center for Agricultural Sciences named after. A. N. Bakulev consists of: Institute of Coronary and Vascular Surgery, Institute
About the circadian rhythm and chronopharmacology of magnesium orotate
Myocardial function is restored as soon as the required amount of potassium is returned to its cells. Usually
ReCardio for hypertension: instructions for use
Cardiologist Denis Vladimirovich Sokolov Experience 16 years Cardiologist of the first category, Candidate of Medical Sciences,
Which nuts are the most beneficial for the heart and cleansing blood vessels - Top 10
Why are they important? Nuts are an important part of a healthy diet. Thanks to unsaturated fats, it contains
Effective pharmacotherapy in the recovery period after ischemic stroke
Stroke: stages and tactics of intensive care (lecture) Professor, academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences and MANEB Nazarov I.P.
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