Fruiting hawthorn bush
Hawthorn for blood pressure - how to take and mechanism of action, benefits and contraindications of tincture or tea
What is pressure? This parameter is the main indicator of the state of the circulatory system. Representatives of medicine under
Diagnosis of cardiac risks.
The focus is on the heart. What you need to know about preventing cardiovascular risks. Doctor's opinion.
According to Rosstat, in 2010 the mortality rate in Russia from diseases of the cardiovascular system
Prestarium A tab disperg 5mg N30 (Servier)
Dosage form and composition Prestarium is produced in the form of tablets for oral use. Active ingredient
Feed your heart right. Rational nutrition for cardiovascular diseases.
General description of the disease Tachycardia is an acceleration of the heart rate, which occurs in the form of
Chronic heart failure in older people
The first manifestations of various heart diseases should be carefully examined to avoid the development of more
Main causes of varicose veins
Protruding veins on the legs: what to do?
Contents Etiology and pathogenesis Clinical manifestations Treatment methods “Veins in the legs” (varicose veins,
Ischemic stroke in the territory of the right middle cerebral artery
What are the features of the symptoms of this disease? In the presence of ischemic stroke in the right mesencephalic basin
How to protect your immune system in the spring and recover from COVID-19?
Metabolism of iron in the body Iron is one of the most important microelements of the human body in
Bicycle ergometry: indications, contraindications, methodology
There are diseases of the heart and blood vessels that are quite difficult to diagnose at an early stage. This is happening
Angina pectoris: causes
Causes of the development of the disease The main cause of angina is ischemia, which develops against the background of many years of deposition on
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