Alpha amylase
Determination of pancreatic amylase activity in the blood
What is amylase? Amylases (alpha-amylase) are a group of enzymes that serve to break down
How to avoid a heart attack
Prevention of myocardial infarction. The disaster can be prevented.
How to avoid a heart attack To avoid a heart attack and its complications, it is worth knowing what the risk factors are
on which hand do you wear a magnetic bracelet for high blood pressure?
On which hand do you wear a magnetic bracelet for high blood pressure?
Of course, today many people know about what a magnetic bracelet is and what its benefits are.
Heart valve replacement
Heart valve replacement. Indications and stages of surgery
The achievements of Israeli cardiac surgeons are known throughout the world. Innovative developments and high qualifications of medical cardiac surgeons
treatment of hot flashes
Hot flashes in menopause: a compelling alternative to hormone replacement therapy
Kurganskaya Natalia Valerievna Doctor - obstetrician-gynecologist ✓ Article verified by a medical expert Hot flashes are called strong
Load testing: are the differences between bicycle ergometry and treadmill testing so insignificant?
YES. Kuzhel, G.V. Matyushin, E.Yu. Egorova, N.V. Kovaleva State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education "Krasnoyarsk State Medical Academy"
Toxoplasmosis on MRI of the brain
Brain oligodendroglioma (oligoastrocytoma)
Toxoplasmosis on MRI of the brain Magnetic resonance imaging is a painless and informative way to study the brain
Mitral regurgitation. Causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of mitral valve regurgitation.
1.What is mitral valve regurgitation? ​Mitral valve regurgitation is characterized by an abnormal flow of blood from the left
Changes on the cardiogram with angina pectoris
Diagnosis of angina is based primarily on typical symptoms – pain in the heart area.
Causes of hypertension
Abana for normalizing blood pressure Himalaya | Himalaya 60 tab
The norms for blood pressure (BP), as modern medicine interprets them, change periodically. When -
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